English Real Estate Seminars

The Real estate Board of P.R. requires by law, that every salesperson, and broker, maintain themselves with accurate information to offer their customers, on changes in laws, financing products and procedures and with the code of Ethics for the Realtors® Association. Although they requires to maintain an accurate and actualization on technologies, management, leadership and other endeavors of the business and administration of a Real Estate individual,.

Each year, Salespersons must take 4 hour credit seminar, within their license dates; and brokers 6 hours’ credits. If those classes are not taking during a single year dates, it will result in a penalty. The penalty is to double the continued education, not taken.

At the end of a 4 year period, in order to renew their license, salespersons and brokers must present the board all evidence of continued education. That is, 16hours for sales person, and 24 hours for Brokers.

Our aim is that you do not incurred in penalty, and be able to take your classes within your license dates, on mandatory and elective classes. To do so, we have built different courses, topics, to accommodate the law requirement, for both, salespersons and brokers. Although, we have 2 different seminar cost, one for our TLZ members and another for not members.

Hope you enjoy our classes and have a productive and successful working journey!

Looking forward to be at your service,

Prof. Esther A. Rubio Negrón, EdD, CQIA

Lic. 14110, Lic IG-24, IE-1